What makes a good public speaker?

Public speaking involves talking in front of a group of people, usually with some preparation. It can be in front of people that we know or a crowd of strangers.

According to Nicole Bianchi on (2013, pp.1-4) there are 7 Keys to Effective Public Speaking

Be Passionate: speaker needs to be passionate about the subject what he is speaking. This will give speaker more motivation. If the speaker is passionate about a topic, that energy will transfer to the audience through speech.

Prepare: speaker needs to prepare what to say in their speech. They can write the whole speech or main point from on the topic. So that they can have a look while they speaking.

Create a Strong Outline: once speaker researched the topic, they need to create an outline for them. This will help to stay within the time limit, avoid talking pointlessly, and cover all of the most important points. An outline gives the speech a logical flow, making it easier for the audience to follow along.

Talk Slowly: Think about the audience. If the speaker is speaking too fast or too slow audience will lose concertinas.

Memorize Speech: It is always good to memorize the speech to present the main point of the topic.

Study Great Speeches:  Speaker needs to study other great speaker speech. How they talk, what tone they use and their body language as well.

Practice, practice and practice: practice makes a man perfect.

Public speaking is an invaluable skill to learn. The most powerful speaker is those who knew how to use words effectively. If anyone wants to become an effective leader in their field and have the opportunity to inspire an audience, they will have to train themselves to become fluent and confident.


Cenere, P, Gill, R, Lawson, C & Lewis M 2015, Communication skills for business professionals, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, Vic.

 Nicole B 2013, public speaking 7 Steps to Masterful Public Speaking From Martin Luther King views 10 May 2016, http://inkwellscholars.org/7-steps-to-masterful-public-speaking-from-martin-luther-king/




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