Week 1 (Media Writing COMM-11007)

Billy Slater Source:http://cdn.newsapi.com.au/image/v1/051740ab64332d2190bff79f72db3657?width=1024

Different Purpose/Different Writing

The both articles introduce the same information in a different way. The Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as the official ambassador. Though the stories are the same and presented in a different way.

This first article is a “Media Statement” from Racing Queensland. The second news is a “News article” from the Gold Coast Bulletin. Both stories present the same main message of Billy Slater becoming Racing Queensland’s new ambassador.

The first Media statement focuses on how Racing Queensland can be benefited and increase popularity racing Queensland by appointing Billy Slater. The media statement also focuses on how Slater’s massive profile, knowledge, and experience will benefit Racing Queensland in near future.  He already has a huge fan in all-around Australia, especially in Queensland. Also how Billy has strong links to the racing industry. Ms. Grace said “Billy Slater is more than just a league legend, he’s a great Queenslander who connects with sports fans throughout the State,”.

The news articles from Gold Coast Bulleting presents the story in more details its focus Billy Slater’s involvement with horse racing from the past history. It also coated his past racing “Along with spending six months riding track work for Waterhouse as a 16-year-old, Slater has also owned his fair share of horses over the years with “minor success” Davidson wrote. Also, news article finishes on the touched of controversial “Live-Baiting” scandal issue.

I am not a big fan of horse racing or rugby personally this news does not matter to me.  For my research,  I  have been followed with this article on social media and local news. And this may allow Billy to promote the events on a bigger scale to his fan and sports lover  as not everyone follows these news feeds.


Davidson, B 2016, ‘Maroons legend Billy Slater to be announced as ambassador for Qld thoroughbred racing’, Gold Coast Bulletin, viewed on 12 August  2016, http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/racing/maroons-legend-billy-slater-to-be-announced-as-ambassador-for-qld-thoroughbred-racing/news-story/564befcf1bdd9e78480e832255cdf171

Philip, M 2016, Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador, viewed 17 July 2016,



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