Week 2 (Media Writing COMM-11007)

Twitter Pic Source: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/f1b5lfuzmwvzs7nslwbn.jpg

Week two blog activities

We have to register a Twitter account and follow at least 10 journalists and others professionals.

I didn’t have an active twitter account. I have registered my account and followed the below journalists list as advised.

  1. Jessica Rowe
  2. Sarah Harris
  3. Danny Weidler
  4. Amelia Adams
  5. Wendy Kingston
  6. Dean Ritchie
  7. David Riccio
  8. Sylvia Jeffreys
  9. Josh Massoud
  10. Chris Bath
  11. Jim Wilson
  12. Angie Asimus
  13. Sally Bowrey
  14. Sarah Cumming
  15. David Brown
  16. Mark Ferguson
  17. SA SES
  18. Katharine Murphy
  19. The West Australian
  20. Kendall
  21. Jenna Guillaume
  22. Brisbane City
  23. AFL Game Day
  24. Taste of Country
  25. TEN Eyewitness News
  26. Greg McKenna
  27. Jerrod Niemann
  28. BOM Tasmania
  29. Amber Lawrence
  30. Denver Broncos
  31. Emma Watson
  32. Yoga Journal
  33. House of Cards
  34. Tim McGraw

Here is my twitter account link https://twitter.com/Meraj05Meraj.



Twitter pic, digital image, viewed 20 August 2016,https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/f1b5lfuzmwvzs7nslwbn.jpg


Week-2 Activities

Twitter Trends

Twitter Trends Australia, Source: http://trends24.in/australia/

I visited http://trends24.in/australia/ and the top news story has caught my eye is “QUADRANGULAR A-TEAM ONE-DAY SERIES (AUSTRALIA)”. In this matches Australia A team score only 107 against South Africa A team. It seems like Australia A team will lose badly in the match. So far South Africa A team score 95 and lost 2 wickets only. Next match Australia A team next game against National Performance Squad.

Tweet #AusATour, Source:https://twitter.com/search?vertical=news&q=%23AusATour

By searching the #AusATour, I can see a lot of twitter and news on this stories in local and international media, especially in sports news media. Also, cricket fans from all country #Tag the news.

Tweet #AusATour, Source: https://twitter.com/search?vertical=news&q=%23AusATour



Twitter trends, digital image, viewed 20 August 2016, http://trends24.in/australia/

Tweet, digital image, viewed 20 August 2016, https://twitter.com/search?vertical=news&q=%23AusATour





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