Week 4 (Media Writing COMM-11007)

In this week task, I have interviewed my elder brother and his wife.  Both of them agreed to share information with me.



My brother (Mesbha) has two daughters, elder daughter is 11 years old and the younger one is 1.2 years old. Both of them said their kids are the most important of their life. By the blessing of Almighty, they full fill the family and will carry their legacy. Mesbha said, “I feel complete and happy when I see their happy face”.

My sister-in-law ( Afrose) has left the job to take care of the kids. She said, “ I am willing to do anything to make them happy and it is the best time when I am with them”. Because of that, she leaves her job.

I asked “why” the kids are most important. From both of them, the answer was “you will understand when you will have kids”.  There are no words to describe the feeling when I see the happy.

Mesbha and  Afrose said, “now there kids happiness become their happiness”.  The end of the day, every thinks I am doing  only for my kids bright future, Afrose Said.

I had a hard time to write this task. I never interviewed any person before, also it is impossible for me to describe their feeling in the word how they feel  about kids and why they are so important. I don’t have the experience or capability to convey the story should be present.


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