Week 8 (Media Release)

2 June 2016                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


A physical playfight between two groups of cosplayers become too real and ugly at FakeComicCon in outside of Brisbane convention center.

Two of them was critically injured and total 12 people were injured eight of them were taken to royal Brisbane Hospital and two of these are in intensive care.

The fight lasted around 20 minutes, 40 people were involved in the fight. Who were dressed as Wolverines and Stormtroopers.

The investigation is still ongoing, how the fight started and who were the involved. We want to reassure the public that the FakeComicCon will cooperate with investigators and provide all necessary information to authorities.

John Smith, Queensland Police Service said
“Obviously we’ve had a serious incident here today with a number of people injured. We have arrested four people on a range of charges related to weapons and assault. At this stage, we can’t confirm any specific details but will investigate the matter fully.”

Fake ComicCon CEO Casey Smith said,
“It is very unfortunate and heartbreaking what happened here today, an incident like this, is totally against of the spirit of our event. Our aim is to have fun, enjoy the event peacefully.”

FakeComicCon has run for three years in Brisbane without incident, providing a place for players to come and meet like-minded people. We would like to apologize to the public for what happened here today. We will make sure it will not happen any of our events again.

For additional information:
Jenna Jones
Communications Manager, FakeComicCon
Email: jenna@fakecomiccon.com.au



This week’s quiz was considerable hard for me. In my first attempt, I had five correct answers out of ten. Most of my mistakes were about numbers related. “it is acceptable to use phrases such as ‘a substantial number’, ‘a significant minority’, ‘a large proportion’ and ‘a high percentage. The question was a bit confusing to me.




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