Week 10

Practical – Headline:

1. Forty people were involved in a fight on FakeComicCon.

The headline will get the most attention in a news story about FakeComicCon fight.

2. Fun become Messy in FakeComicCon

Again, this headline will be appropriate how the fight started on FakeComicCon.

3. Ugly Fight brake outside of FakeComicCon

This headline will immediately catch the reader’s attention.


Practical – Photo Essay:

On the weekend, I was cooking lunch for me and my brother and I have decided to take the pictures on the entire process and cover the story headline. I have taken the pictures.

1. Cut and Clean the Fish for Fried



2. Chopping Onion


3. Preparing Garlic and Chilli


4. Mixing spices for Fish Marinade


5. Marinading Fish with Species


6. Keep in the freezer about one hour for Marinading the Fish


7. Fried Fish



8. Sauce for the Fish


9. Serve with Salad


10. Eating fried fish

I forgot to take the eating picture. I was enjoying my food.


Technical: Complete Quiz 10 – Punctuation


Quiz 10 was a bit easier than quiz 9. I have done silly mistakes on number 8 I new the answer but unfortunately, click the wrong one. I hope I can remember next time all the punctuation mistakes.



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