Week 12

Week Twelve: Inquiry

What did you find most beneficial about the course?

In my opinion integration of social media and media, writing is the most beneficial in this subject. We always use social media nowadays but I have never though media writing and social media in this way. I learned the important tool social media that can be to deliver news straight to the masses, as well as add strength to a story with things like photos, videos or images.

 What was most challenging?

As I mentioned, Writing is not my strength. I have struggled a lot to write in a presentable way. Writing the story may be a pace of cake for others but it is the hardest work for me. Never the less I have learned so many thinks from this course.

Has the course changed the way you practice or think about media writing? How/why not?

This course has really changed the way I use to thinks about the social media and media writing.

To write a news article or story, there are so many thinks to take consideration to present the story. I never knew how news articles write or presented before took this course.

Week Twelve: Feedback from Assessment One

My assessment one was on average Mark, although I have submitted 15 minutes late.

Some Comments for me on the draft:

A good effort overall. A good blog that shows a reasonable level of engagement with the required activities.

Points for improvement:

  • These blogs were an assignment for University and needed to be written with this in mind where you can relate theory to course work.
  • At the beginning of the course I suggested to the class a couple of times about people who felt their English needed assistance should visit the Academic Learning Centre. The ALC would help you correct your English ie sentence structures, upper case letters for pronouns like ‘I’ etc.

Your strengths were:

  • You made a very good effort to engage with course content generally.
  • Your integration of sources generally was good.

I will check my writing again and try to avoid the mistake I have done in the writing. I will be more care full on my grammar.



Week 1 Quiz

Week one quiz was easier. Although I didn’t get the entire quiz right. I got only 75% corrects.

Week 2 Quiz:

Week two’s quiz was very technical question. It was very hard to answers. I have rushed to finished answer and I got only 4 answers correct.

Week 3 Quiz:

Week 3 quiz was better than week 2. I have correct seven quizzes out of ten.

Week 4 Quiz

Week 4 quiz was hardest, from all the quiz. I was able to answer only four answers.

Week 5 and Week 6 quiz, I had six correct answers out of ten questions.

Week 7 Quiz

I had correct nine quizzes out of ten questions.

Week 8 Quiz

Quiz 8, 9 and 11 I had correct five quizzes out of ten questions.

Quiz 10

I had correct seven quizzes out of ten questions.



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