Week 6 (Media Writing COMM-11007)

Practical A: Storify Article
I have rewritten the interview from week four for Storify. As advised I have to change the direct quotes in order to elaborate the story. This is my first story on Storify. I am not a good writer and I can make up the story like the authors. I tried to write, hopefully, is readable.

My Storify Story Link

//storify.com/Meraj05/what-is-the-most-important-thing-to-you/embed?border=false[<a href=”//storify.com/Meraj05/what-is-the-most-important-thing-to-you” target=”_blank”>View the story “What is the most important thing to you?” on Storify</a>]


Event Planning
The event I am planning to attend is “Visual impact Sydney 2016”. It is a printing exhibition for the printing and the business, graphic designer, and student. From the event, I will live tweet and after attending the event I will publish a Storify article.

All the local printing and graphic industrial business related people will attend the event. This event will focus the future of the industrial invention for the printing business.

There are so many things, we can learn and watch from this event. As a digital Media student, we should know what is going on the industry and know technology and use of it.

The article will include the photo, video and the information about new technology. The different company will demonstrate their product and how is work. I will try to cover the most advanced technology.

If anyone interested they can register on below link



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